Mr. Glass

Sorry for the late post although, it does indicate my mixed feelings about this film so, let’s get into it.

The movie kicks off very well as we get updates to what the main characters are currently doing with their lives.  Dunn is now a full-fledged vigilante who doles out retributive justice to a couple of douchebag bros.  We learn that he is now operating a home security business with his son (same actor from the Unbreakable movie) and that he is wanted, at large, by the police and the public to face legal justice.  On the side, he and his son have teamed up as vigilantes and their business is just a cover.  We also learn that his wife had died offscreen some time ago.

Nothing much has changed with Kevin Wendell Crumb.  He has continued killing and is currently holding a group of cheerleaders hostage in an abandoned factory; waiting for the beast to appear and to dole out his own twisted form of retribution.  He’s still quite loonie and scary in his pendatic personifications.

Then there’s Mr. Glass himself, the titular character who is locked up in a mental institution and presumably kept  under heavy sedation as the hospital tries to figure out the right treatment for his delusions of grandeur.

So far, the story is good and the setup, while being imperfect, is still interesting and building up suspense.  It’s a pretty good first act which ends in a Dunn versus Beast battle.  Great payoff.

From that point on though, the story goes off the rails with one convoluted plot after another; all increasingly occuring without any good justification until the whole thing almost becomes a parody of itself.  It’s a bit confusing that M. Night Shyamalan went in this direction because by the end I was left wondering who was the targeted audience for this film.

Overall, I think it plays well for young viewers or the casual movie fan who isn’t particularly invested in watching the culmination of the series however for movie goers who are, this movie will leave you unsatisfied and a bit disappointed.  I don’t know what to tell you.  I was looking forward to seeing this film for months and now, I don’t even want to talk about it.


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