Ghost in the Shell

Turns out, it’s worse than all that.  Critics were way too kind to this movie.  Way too kind.

The best thing about ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is that Scarlett Johansson was cast in the lead role; but even that is faint praise.  The film somehow manages to make her as unappealing as possible by stripping her of everything that makes her likeable on screen.  And, they kept emphasizing that as if it was a good thing.

And that was the best thing about the film.

The rest is pretty forgettable.  Very drab.  Very bland.  Watching paint dry might be more exciting and meaningful.  There is basically no tangible artifact from this film; nothing of value or significance.  No world building.  No character development.  No reason to care or give a damn about anything in the movie.  The movie even gets its whitewashing of Asian characters wrong.  It doesn’t even pretend to understand Asian contexts.

Save yourself the time and don’t go and see this movie.  It’s probably the worst film of the year.  Save yourself the trouble; ‘Netflix & chill’ instead.

This movie has no plot worth talking about.  Sorry.


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