The Drop

If you’re looking for a really good chill-out film then take a good look at ‘The Drop’.

The film follows the exploits of an unassuming bar-keep at a drop bar run by gangsters.  At the onset we are provided with a basic layout of the world in which the story is situated.  An unassuming place in Brooklyn where money changes hands, where gangster bosses rotate their “bank” across various bars known as Drop Bars.  Our main protagonist vaguely introduces himself as something like a bartender.

The rest plays out like a really good orange or tangerine where peeling the outer layers reveals the story.  We are given clues that suggest that our protagonist is quite unlike the average bartender.  His name is Bob, he goes out of his way to be generous to patrons at the bar, attends church mass, saves and adopts a dog that was beaten and discarded in a garbage can.  At the same time we are introduced to his manager and a partner at the bar who is presented as a possible antagonist to Bob.  When their bar gets robbed by a couple of stick up boys, the layers of each of the key characters in story begin to peel away and the audience is invited to make meaning from what is revealed.

Great film and awesome storytelling.  I would give more detail about the film but you definitely need to go see it yourself.  Happy viewing.  Find someone to snuggle with and enjoy the ride.


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