The H8Ful Eight

This is an absolutely fantastic film.  It provides really great storytelling and very excellent filmography.  The story revolves around a fictional famous bounty hunter, in a post civil war Wyoming (U.S.A.), trying to turn in a captured fugitive to the town of Red Rock for a $10,000 finders fee.  More accurately, the film is about the different things that happen along the road to Red Rock which make this an unusual bounty.

The story is told in five chapters; each capable of standing on its own as a episode in the overall adventure.  The total run time is about 175 minutes but the run time lends itself a favorably to re-runs and syndication; and, trust me, you’re going to want to see the movie again and again.   It’s a classic Tarantino movie.

If you like good story telling, great acting, and great cinematography, then this movie is a treasure waiting to be discovered and cherished.  As usual Tarantino movies have a lot of exaggerated violence to add some degree of comedy and levity to what would otherwise be very graphic scenes and that works really well in this movie.  But I would caution against screening this film to kids younger than 12; however, I think this movie is great for anyone above the age of 13.  There is enough fun, drama, and intrigue to keep you entertained in each chapter and, throughout the entire film.


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