Mother of Dragons as Mother of Terminator: A Paradoxical Story.

Just saw Terminator Genisys tonight and we could not help bursting out laughing as the movie progressed.  Genisys is a good film but not a serious film by any stretch of the imagination.  One of our associates aligns T5 to the movie, “Time Paradox” – a story about an hermaphrodite who gets impregnated by a strange man, has the kid, gets gender reprogrammed to be a man, travels back in time, has sex with a woman who later turns out to be him years earlier as a woman.  So yes, if you had some trouble keeping up with that comparison, you can understand what it feels like to watch Genisys.

After fighting off the bouts of uncontrollable laughter.  One thought comes through very clearly; or at least is very interesting to consider.  That thought is that by casting Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, the movie inadvertently (or perhaps purposefully) turned the beloved Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons (Daenerys Targaryen) into the Mother of Terminator.  The comedy involved in that is truly hard to overlook.  Forget all the timeline mumbo-jumbo and how ridiculously the “plot” is advanced, it is worth a good deal of chuckle to see the Khaleesi come to grips with having a Terminator son and trying to “mate” with Kyle Reese.

The whole thing reminds me of one of those ridiculous Steven Seagal movies where he takes down a whole crew of bad guys by just moving his hands awkwardly and running in the most princess-like way imaginable (for a purported action hero).  There are some moments that will stick with you as being iconic but for the most part the movie does not even begin to believe in its own farce; there are portions in it where it is obvious that the scene intends to bring the audience in on the joke.

The recommendation for this movie is that you should not go into this movie watching experience with your eyes closed.  Instead, try to catch all the moments in the film where something happens that warrants intense laughter; or is it ridicule?


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